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1x Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver
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Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver Angle
Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver for SecuraCode


Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver Specifications

 Hub Dimensions 5 x 4.3 x 2.5  (cm)
 Hub Weight 59g
 Manufacturer Auto Openers
 Model Number AORX
 Remote Encryption SecuraCode
 Connection Type Pre-Wired
 Warranty 1 Year

Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver Compatibility

This Auto Openers Pre-Wired Receiver is compatible with the ATA SecuraCode encryption. Below are the remote controls that this receiver can operate.

Auto Openers Receiver Features

The Auto Openers receiver allows you to upgrade an older garage door or gate opener to work with a new series of remote controls. A garage door receiver wires into your garage door motor, the pre-wired attachments on the receiver. The receiver then listens for your remote control and when the button is pressed, opens your garage door. This does not affect the existing remote controls at all.
This is a fantastic way to upgrade your remote controls without having to buy a new garage door opener.
  • Compact design suitable for mounting inside of gate motor control boxes or next to garage door motors
  • SecuraCode technology eliminates the possibility of interference with your remote control
  • Narrow-band transmission on 433.92MHz
  • The AORX Pre-Wired Receiver has 2 channels with capacity and operation of two different electric drive motors

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