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Made in Australia from Colorbond Steel.

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Taurean’s roller door range (called the PR1ME COLLECTION) is an Australian icon for quality design and value. This is made possible by decades of design knowledge, constant innovation, which is backed by testing facilities. You can feel the quality of the roller door immediately, from the smooth action when opening or closing, to the precision door balancing. This gives easy open and close action when operating the garage door by hand. Furthermore, this also reduces the load on the garage door opener, extending its life.

The roll a door has a stylish curtain made from the highest quality steel, available in a wide range of popular colours. You can order your garage door a full array of opening sizes, which are custom made to suit your exact door opening. Standard Taurean garage door sizes fall between 2200mm to 3100m high, and 750mm wide to 5400mm wide.

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Windlock & Windstrong – Do you live in a windy, or cyclone prone area? Wholesle Garage offers the full range of Taurean door models, including the Windlock and Windstrong range (suitable for Region C requirements)

Long Life – Galvanized brackets and tracks help prevent corrosion on your roller door hardware, whilst the Quality BlueScope Colorbond® curtain steel ensures your roller door looks the very best it can. Because Taurean use the best steel, the springing system is designed for more than 25,000 cycles (12 years of average use)

Silent Operation – The garage door has never opened quieter! Coupling nylon bottom rail plys and moulded nylon drum wheels, you’ll finally be free of that noisy garage door.

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Colorbond Colour Range

Colour Range & Installation

The Taurean garage doors are available in the full range of Colorbond Steel colours, in standard Colorbond, Matte or in a modern Timbercoat finish. In addition, Taurean also offer full installation guides for their range of roll a doors.

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Want your new roll a door to open at the press of a button? Auto Openers offer a DIY friendly roller door opener motor, called the Door Master.

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