Garage Door Remote Information

What Garage Door Remote Do I Need?

Auto Openers manufactures a range of remote controls that suit every major brand in Australia. Looking for some help on choosing the remote you need?

  • Replacing an Auto Openers Remote? Just select the same colour remote as what you have! Each AO remote control is colour coded, for ease of identification. So, if you’re buying replacement for the light green remote, you would get the Light Green AO945!
  • Replacing an original remote control? Each Auto Openers remote has a similar model number to the remote it replaces. So if your buying Merlin M-842 replacement, the AO842 is what you need!

All Auto Openers remote controls feature the code “RCM E4543” on the rear of the remote control. Referred to as a Regulatory Compliance Mark, this shows each remote meets Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 4417.

How to Program An Auto Openers Remote

These remote controls are replace and function the exact same way as their OEM counterpart. In other words, this means that your AO remote control programs exactly the same as the original remote.

It takes less than 15 seconds to program a garage remote into a door opener. To find out more, just visit our help page here!

Buying Online With Wholesale Garage

Wholesale Garage specialize in garage door remotes, gate remotes and universal remotes. Auto Openers remote controls are held to the highest standards of any aftermarket remote in Australia.

We offer free postage on all products, as well as express post for when you need something fast. However, if you’re unsure on what you need to purchase, please contact our team. All Wholesale Garage staff are trained garage door technicians to best support you and your purchase.