BFT Thea A15 Photocell Includes

1x BFT Thea A15 Photocell (Pair)
Wiring / Mounting hardware not included


BFT Thea A15 Photocell Gate PE Safety Beams


BFT Thea A15 PE Beams Specifications

Beam Dimensions 11 x 4.3 x 4 (cm)
Beam Weight 76 / 81 g
Manufacturer BFT Gate Automation
Model Number Thea A15
Batteries Included No – Wired
Battery Type N/A – Wired
Warranty 1 Year


BFT Thea A15 PE Beams Compatibility

The BFT Thea safety beam kit will suit the entire Deimos / Ares / Virgo / Kustos / Phobos Range.


BFT Thea A15 PE Beams Features

The BFT Thea A15 PE Beams are an essential safety feature for any automated gate or garage door system. Mounted on either side of the opening, these beams transmit an infrared signal, directly interfacing with the gate or garage door motor to ensure safe operation. The system smartly responds to the movement of the door or gate:

  1. During Closure: If the beam is interrupted, the motor instantly stops and reverses direction, preventing potential accidents. For gates, this means stopping and reopening automatically.
  2. During Opening: The motor continues without interruption if the beam is broken, ensuring smooth operation.
  3. When Idle: If the beam is broken while the motor is not in motion, it prevents the door or gate from operating, avoiding accidental closures on objects or individuals.

Photocell PE Beams are not just safety enhancements; they are a legal requirement in many countries for the operation of garage doors and gate openers. Particularly in Australia, PE Beams are strongly recommended for all gates and are mandatory for the operation of smartphone-controlled gate systems. The BFT Thea A15 PE Beams, therefore, offers not only enhanced safety for your family and property but also ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Each photocell in the BFT A15 Thea set features an adjustable design with the possibility of directing the beam 40° horizontally and 10° vertically. This flexibility allows for precise alignment and optimal functionality. Additionally, an integrated flashing light adds a visual warning during operation, enhancing safety. The photocells use a synchronized infrared signal, eliminating any risk of blinding and ensuring reliable detection. With a substantial range of 30 meters, these beams offer extensive coverage for a variety of gate and garage sizes. Designed for outdoor use, the BFT BFT Thea gate safety beam kit boast a protection rating of IP55, ensuring durability against dust and water ingress. Their 24 V ac/dc power supply makes them suitable for a wide range of external applications.


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