Garage Remote Battery Replacements

Depending on the model and brand of your remote, you may need a different battery. Although most garage door and gate remotes use CR2032 3v battery and 23a 12v battery, there are a few other brands that use different batteries. Different remote controls require various batteries.

More modern (post 2015) owner’s manual will list the precise type. If you don’t have access to the owner’s manual, you may always check your current remote control. Then swap it out for that identical type.

Depending on the age of your remote, you may be able to pry open the remote control using a screwdriver. Take apart your old garage remote and check to see what battery it is. Take note of how the battery is fitted while changing it. The new battery must be installed exactly the same way in order for it to function.

If you are having difficulty accessing your remotes battery compartment, it’s worth checking out YouTube. This is a highly popular DIY activity, with a large number of video guides available.

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