Elsema PCR433WG Wiegand Receiver Compatibility

1x Elsema Single Penta Receiver with Wiegand Output
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Elsema PCTR433 Penta Repeater PentaFob PentaCode
Elsema PCTR433 Repeater PentaCode and PentaFOB


Elsema PCTR433 Penta Repeater Specifications

 Repeater Dimensions – (cm)
 Repeater Weight -g
 Manufacturer Elsema
 Model Number PCTR433
 Remote Encryption PentaCode & PentaFob
 Connection Type Wired
 Warranty 2 Year


Elsema PCTR433 Penta Repeater Compatibility

This receiver is compatible with both the PentaCode and PentaFob series of Elsema remotes. The PentaCODE® dual coding system allows you to program a remote control using the older dipswitch settings, or via digital ‘Learning’.

The Wiegand output of the receiver can link with almost any commercial access control panel. Without requiring any software changes, remote controls can be installed as a Wiegand card or RFID tag. The system requirements can be matched with the ID and facility codes.


Elsema PCTR433 Penta Repeater Features

The Pentarepeater receives the transmissions from “PentaFOB®” and “PentaCODE®” remotes and than re-transmits it with high power. The repeater can increase the operating range of these remotes to 500 metres. It can be powered by common micro USB such as phone, digital camera charges or by external AC-DC supply.

The repeater can repeat both encrypted code and dip switch code. Multiple repeaters can be used to further extend the range.

  • Compatible with PentaFOB and PentaCODE remotes
  • Micro USB or external supply
  • Unlimited remotes can be programmed
  • Highly sensitive receiver input stage
  • Crystal controlled for high reliability
  • Easy mounting to walls
  • Useable Receivers: All Elsema type Penta Receivers
  • Ideal for nursing homes, garage doors, automatic gates or switching household lights



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