Tilt Door Openers

Finding the right Panel Lift Garage Door Opener might be difficult given the variety of tilt door motors and brands available. Here at Wholesale Garage Doors, we stock some of Australia’s top brands including B&D Doors, Auto Openers and Merlin.

Whilst prices vary greatly, the power and specs of every Panel Lift Garage Door Opener is very similar. Most will suit a garage door between 16 – 18m², every motor has a silent belt drive and the warranty terms ensure you’re looked after for years to come.

Our recommendation currently is the Auto Openers Sectional Opener. It’s the best bang-for-buck motor on the market currently, whilst also being one of the most reliable. The AOSO can handle single-piece panel or tilt doors, as well as the more common sectional doors. There is also an installation video guide for the AOSO on YouTube.

Every tilt, panel and sectional door motor that we sell comes with a complete installation guide, which walks you through the installation. Installing a new garage door opener will take about an hour. You will require some simple tools, including:

– Socket Wrench in addition to a 10mm socket and 13mm extended socket
– Phillips-Head and Flat-Head screwdrivers
– Adjustable Wrench
– Drill and drill bits
– Marker or Pen
– Door Stand
– Hacksaw
– Hammer
– Ladder
– Pliers
– Rope

If you would like to read the manual before purchase, we host all garage door opener installation guides on our website.

Wholesale Garage are Australian garage door dealers who specialize in garage door openers and hardware. We stock genuine products from brands such as B&D, Steel Line, Gliderol, Auto Openers and more.

Due to rising freight costs and oversize freight charges (as of July 2023), we can no longer absorb freight costs on panel door openers with 3.2m long rails. We offer low-cost freight on all panel door openers, calculated to your location. Some areas will continue to have free freight, whilst some remote or rural locations may have a freight charge. For more information, please feel free to contact our friendly team.

If you have any questions on how to install your Panel Lift Garage Door Opener, feel free to contact us for more information. All Wholesale Garage staff are trained garage door technicians to best support you and your purchase.