Replacement Remote Controls

There are a wide range of garage remote control options in Australia, which can be very confusing! However, finding the correct set of garage remotes is very simple. If you get stuck at any stage, you can always call or email us for assistance.

First, find the brand of your garage door opener. This is on the garage door opener, normally somewhere easy to see. It is also on your door remote, either on the front or back.

Once you have the brand, browse through that brand on our website. If you cannot see your garage remote control, just take a photo of your garage remote and send it to us. You can find our contact details on the Contact Us page. Sometimes, a manufacturer stops making one remote but also has a replacement available!

Wholesale Garage’s technical team create remote control coding guides on our website. Our guides are reworded from the manufacturers technical manuals, to make them easy to read and understand.

It takes less than 15 seconds to program a garage remote into a door opener. To find out more, just visit our help page here!

Wholesale Garage are Australian garage door dealers who specialize in garage door remotes, gate remotes and universal remotes. We stock genuine products from top brands such as Merlin, Bunnings, Steel Line and more. We offer free postage on all products, as well as express post for when you need something fast, selectable at the checkout.

Have any questions on how to program your garage door remote replacement?
? Feel free to contact us for assistance! Wholesale Garage staff are all trained garage door technicians to best support you and your purchase.