Smart Garage Door Opener

What Is A Smart Garage Door Opener?

With the push of a button, a garage door opener enables you to open your garage door. Your smartphone becomes that button thanks to a smart garage opener, which brings convenience to a new level. When the door opens or closes, your opener sends you activity alerts through WiFi.

Never leave the door open again, thanks to phone alerts that will notify you if it’s left open. Tired of the kids losing their keys or remotes? We bet they won’t lose their phone!

What Smart Garage Door Opener Kit Do I Need?

As the garage door industry modernizes, more and more manufacturers are creating their own branded phone control kits. B&D Doors, Merlin and ATA all have a smartphone kit designed for a variety of their openers.

However, very often this requires you to have a brand new opener, using new technology. Finding which kit is compatible with your specific opener can also be difficult, as some kits may suit 50% of a brand’s openers but not the other 50%. The last thing to also consider is that these smart kits are often made by people who make garage door openers, not apps. In some cases, by the time you have unlocked your phone, opened the app, connected, then pressed the screen and the signal has gone through to open the door… You could have just hit a remote.

Wholesale Garage highly recommends the iSmartGate range of smart garage door opener kits. iSmartGate is the only phone control kit that will work in sync with your phone’s Smart Assistant. This means you can say “Siri / Alexa / Google, open the garage door” and your door will open. These kits are also compatible with nearly every garage door and gate opener made in the last 30 years!

Buying Online With Wholesale Garage

Wholesale Garage is an Australian garage door dealer that specializes in garage door openers and hardware. We stock genuine products from brands such as B&D, Steel Line, Gliderol, Auto Openers and more. We offer free postage on all products, as well as express post for when you need something fast, and selectable at the checkout.

If you have any questions on how to install your smart garage door opener, feel free to contact us for more information. All Wholesale Garage staff are trained garage door technicians to best support you and your purchase.