The Centsys D5-Smart Includes:

1x Centsys D5 Smart Sliding Gate Opener
2x Centsys Nova Remote Controls
1x Pair of Manual Over-Ride Keys
1x Hardware Mounting Pack
Dual Battery Backup
Installation Instructions


Centsys D5-Smart Sliding Gate Opener Powerhead Kit
Centsys D5-Smart 500Kg sliding gate opener


Centsys D5-Smart Gate Opener Specifications

Max Gate Length100m
Max Gate Weight500kg
Powerhead Size181mm x 275mm x 372.5mm
Model NumberD5SMARTB01
Cycles Per Day150 Open/Close Per Day
Opening SpeedUpto 35m/min (580mm/second)
MHz FrequencyFM 433.92
Memory Register1500
Water ProtectionIP55
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer


Centsys D5-Smart Gate Opener Features

The Centsys D5 Smart gate opener is the most advanced gate openers ever seen, designed with a fantastically easy-to-use mindset. The features list for this opener is incredible, so if you’re on the fence (or gate) about this motor: This is THE gate opener for any residential sliding gate in Australia.

D5 Backwards Compatible
The D5 Smart has been designed with the ability to suit any existing D5 baseplate. If you have an older D5 you’re looking to replace, just slide your old one off the plate and screw the D5 Smart on.

Smartphone Control – Bluetooth Only (Not wifi)
Centsys have inbuilt into this opener smartphone control as standard. Whilst every other gate kit on the market requires you to buy a smartphone kit at an added cost, the Centsys D5 Smart has it all included for free, under the hood.

Simpler, Faster Installations
The new Centsys D5 Smart’s gearbox now comes pre-filled and sealed with oil, removing the need to do it yourself. During the setup, setting the limits on your opener is as simple as pressing a button on your phone. The gate will fire across and using your phone, you can have the gate running safely within 5 minutes of finishing the physical installation.

Advanced Troubleshooting, Made Simple
Gate motors historically can be quite annoying to troubleshoot, however, the D5 Smart allows you to download a log of all events that the gate opener has experienced. This can quickly let you see what the problem is, instead of guessing as to what the problem is.

Theft Prevention & Detection
The D5 Smart, when installed on your gate, is able to detect when someone is climbing over the fence due to it’s inbuilt vibration detection. When it detects that the gate is moving more than normal (as it is able to differentiate between someone hauling over vs wind) you can either receive an alert on your phone, or even have the opener connected to your home alarm system.

Inbuilt Power Failure Protection
The Centsys D5 Smart has inbuilt battery backups as standard, letting you open and close the gate when the power is out.




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