Automatic Technology KPX-5 Keypad Includes

1x ATA KPX-5 Garage Door Keypad “SecuraCode”
1x 9V Alkaline Battery
Coding Instructions


Automatic Technology KPX-5 Wireless SecuraCode Keypad Main
Automatic Technology Keypad KPX-5


Garage Door Keypad KPX-5 Specifications

Remote Dimensions 12.9 x 6.8 x 2.4 (cm)
Remote Weight 149g
Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
Model Number KPX-5
Batteries Included Yes
Battery Type 9V Alkaline
Warranty 1 Year


Garage Door Keypad KPX-5 Compatibility

This Automatic Technology KPX-5 keypad will suit the below garage door and gate motors.
We have instructions available here.


Compatible ATA Roller Door Openers
GDO-4v3 EasyRoller
GDO-4v4 EasyRoller
GDO-4v5 EasyRoller
GDO-4v6 EasyRoller
GDO-6v1 Slim-Drive EasyRoller
GDO-6v2 Slim-Drive EasyRoller
GDO-8v1 EasyRoller II – Please note, the PTX4 does not suit ShedMaster GDO8 models
GDO-8v2 EasyRoller II – Please note, the PTX4 does not suit ShedMaster GDO8 models
Compatible ATA Sectional Door Openers
GDO-2v5 SecuraLift
GDO-2v6 SecuraLift
GDO-2v7 SecuraLift
GDO-7v1 SecuraLift
GDO-9v1 SecuraLift
Compatible ATA Receivers
CRX2 Dual Channel Receiver
RX2 Plug-In Board Receiver
Auto Openers Universal Receiver


Garage Door Keypad KPX-5 Features

The Automatic Technology Australia remote was the flagship keyring transmitter from 2005, for the ATA SecuraCode garage door operators. The PTX4 remote control has four buttons, which will allow you to code this remote control into four different door or gate openers. Featuring a rolling code encryption called SecuraCode, the garage door remote will generate a new code each time the button is pressed from over millions of possibilities. This ensures that only your remote control will ever open your gate or door, also preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.


Programming the remote control yourself is very simple, taking less than 10 seconds. Our technical support team have created video guides as well as written step by step instructions to help you program in your Automatic Technology PTX-4 Remote.

Automatic Technology Australia


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