B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener Includes

1x B&D Smart Garage Wifi Hub
1x B&D NTR-2v1 Transceiver
1x B&D Power Supply
Installation Instructions


B&D Wifi Opener Hub Kit
BD Wifi Opener NTR-2v1 Kit


B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener Specifications

Hub Dimensions 16 x 9.5 x 3  (cm)
Hub Weight 192g
Manufacturer B&D Doors
Model Number 86957
Sensor Included NTR-2v1
Sensor Battery Type Wired
Warranty 1 Year


B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener Compatibility

This B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener operates via your home wifi, on the below openers. As long as you have one of the below openers, this kit will suit.

  • Control-A-Door Secure (SDO-6v1 & SDO-6v2)
  • Control-A-Door PanelMax (SDO-8v1 & SDO-8v2

This wifi kit does not suit the below B&D motors

  • Roll-A-Pro (RDO-1v3)
    This motor is not compatible with a B&D branded smartphone kit. We recommend the iSmartGate Lite Roller kit.
  • Control-A-Door Power Drive (RDO-1v4)
    Uses a different B&D Smart Phone Kit (14880)
  • Control-A-Door Advance (SDO-2v2)
    Uses a different B&D Smart Phone Kit (14880)
  • Control-A-Door Prodigy (SDO-2v3)
    Uses a different B&D Smart Phone Kit (14880)
  • Control-A-Door S (CADS)
    Uses a different B&D Smart Phone Kit (14880)

B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener Features

An open garage is an open invitation for unwanted entry. According to research, in 2019-2020, just over 4% of all Australian households experienced an actual or attempted break-in. Don’t make it easy for criminals! The B&D Wifi Garage Door Opener will allow you to check if your garage door is open or closed from anywhere. Left the garage door open? No worries! With the app, you can close it as well, making your home safe and can B&D.
From the 1st of December 2020, Standards Australia has issued an important change to the Standard regarding the installation of Safety Beams. If your garage door or gate is operable by a smartphone, it is now required that you have Safety Beams installed. Wholesale Garage Doors strongly recommends that all responsible homeowners purchase PE Safety Beams with any Smart Phone Control Kit. This is to help prevent damage to your possessions or injury to loved ones.
  • Your silent alarm: The B&D App features real-time notifications alerting you whenever your door is operated, opened for an extended period or when your opener needs a service
  • Activity log: You can view usage history on the App so you know who has operated your garage door, and when
  • Total control: The B&D App allows authorised users to operate the garage door without a remote. Give access to as many users as you like or remove access at the click of a button
  • multiple devices in multiple locations: Through the App, you can control multiple garage doors and compatible gates in more than one location (e.g. your home garage door, your business or holiday home garage door)

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