Roller Doors

When determining a pricing for your roller door, it’s crucial to consider the brand, size, colour, and style. Another significant influencing element is the price of raw materials like steel. All Australian roller door manufacturers, such as Taurean or B&D Doors, use Bluescope Colorbond Steel.

You may find the cost of your roller door with the online garage door pricelist calculator, provided by Wholesale Garage Doors. All garage doors sold by Wholesale Garage include freight in the total price. Generally speaking:

  • Residential Roller Door prices are sold from $775 delivered
  • Residential Panel Doors prices are sold from $1290 Delivered
  • Commercial Roller Doors are sold from $1700 Delivered

Wholesale Garage Doors supplies Taurean Door Systems roller doors. With regard to their whole selection of garage doors, Taurean provides an assured shipping service throughout Australia.

In Australia, more do-it-yourselfers are installing their own garage doors, despite the fact that garage door installation has usually been left to professionals. You can save money on both the door’s actual cost and labour by DIY-ing your garage door. You have the ability to instal panel lift doors as well as roller doors.

Just be sure to take all necessary safety measures and follow the included instructions. You can also check how to install a roller garage door!

Wholesale Garage Doors are the original online garage door dealers. We’ve been selling garage doors to Australian handymen and professional installers for over 15 years. We hold accounts with major door manufacturers such as Steel-Line, B&D Doors and Taurean Door Systems. We deliver your roller door free of charge, with no hidden costs.

If you have any questions about ordering your new garage doors, give our friendly team a call. Or you can fill out a contact form online for us to call you.