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BFT SL BAT2 Battery Backup for BFT Deimos, Ares


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BFT SL BAT2 Battery Backup Specifications

Beam Dimensions 11 x 4.3 x 4 (cm)
Beam Weight 76 / 81 g
Manufacturer BFT Gate Automation
Model Number Thea A15
Batteries Included No – Wired
Battery Type N/A – Wired
Warranty 1 Year


BFT SL BAT2 Battery Backup Compatibility

The BFT Gate Battery Backup will suit the DEIMOS BT A and ARES BT A.


BFT Gate Battery Backup Features

The BFT SL BAT2 Battery Backup is an essential accessory for maintaining uninterrupted operation of your automated gate system, even during power outages. Designed to seamlessly integrate with BFT’s range of gate operators, this battery backup ensures that your gate functions smoothly and reliably, regardless of power fluctuations. The BFT gate battery backup is engineered to automatically kick in when the primary power source fails. This instant switch ensures that your gate continues to operate without any manual intervention, providing peace of mind and continuous access to your property.

Despite its powerful performance, the SL BAT2 is compactly designed to fit neatly within the gate operator’s housing. This efficient design not only saves space but also ensures a clean and unobtrusive setup, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your gate system. The SL BAT2 is user-friendly and easy to install, making it a convenient upgrade to your existing BFT gate operator. It is compatible with the DEIMOS BT A
and ARES BT A, ensuring that it can be effortlessly incorporated into your current setup.

By maintaining the functionality of your gate system during power failures, the SL BAT2 also upholds the safety and security of your property. It ensures that your gate can be opened or closed as needed, even during emergencies or unexpected power disruptions. A Gate Battery Backup is a smart investment for anyone looking to enhance the reliability and safety of their automated gate system. Its combination of automatic activation, compact design, and compatibility with BFT models makes it an ideal choice for ensuring that your gate remains operational, even during power outages.



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