Garage Door Hinges

When looking for replacement garage door hinges, you’ll notice a number stamped into the top of each hinge. You also need to check your garage door brand, so get the correct one.

Hinges will be numbered 1 to 4 from bottom to the top of the door. There is also a middle hinge that has no number stamped on it, referred to as an ‘Intermediate’ hinge. To order the correct one, simply find your brand of hinge and order the same numbered hinge.

It may be worth considering a replacement garage door roller wheel as well as your hinge. If you hinge has broken, your wheel may also have been damaged.

Before beginning, please ensure your garage door opener is turned off and your opener manually disengaged. This is so no-one inadvertently operates the door whilst you are working on it. Only ever replace hinges one at a time, to ensure your hinges do not deviate from their original position.

Before you remove the hinge from the door, mark the top and bottom position of the hinge with a marker. This is so your new hinge is not misaligned when installed.
Using an impact wrench, remove the bolts from the hinge. You can use a wrench or ratchet if an impact wrench is not available.
Once removed, replace with a new hinge & 11-point nylon ball bearing roller.
Align the top and bottom of the hinge with your markings from step 1, then attach your new hinge.

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If you have any questions on how to install your roller door lock, feel free to contact us for more information. All Wholesale Garage staff are trained garage door technicians to best support you and your purchase.