Tesla Homelink Compatible Receiver Includes

1x Tesla Homelink Receiver
(Requires Tesla HomeLink Remote Control, not included)
Instruction Manual


Tesla HomeLink Receiver Kit
Tesla HomeLink Receiver Only


Tesla Homelink Compatible Receiver Specifications

 Receiver Dimensions 5 x 4.3 x 2.5  (cm)
 Receiver Weight 59g
 Manufacturer Auto Openers
 Model Number AORX
 Remote Encryption SecuraCode
 Receiver Connection to Motor  Pre-Wired
 Warranty 1 Year


Tesla Homelink Compatible Receiver Compatibility

This Tesla Homelink Receiver kit will allow any Tesla Homelink-enabled car to operate your garage or garage door opener. Please note that this will still require the Tesla Model 3/Y Automatic Garage Opener hardware installed on your car. Once installed, this will allow you to operate the garage door from your car, without a remote!

This DIY kit is simple to DIY and easy to install. This kit does not include one Auto Openers AOTX4 remote control, which is required to link the car to the garage or gate. Once installed, we recommend you securely store the remote control as it is a key to your garage. Or, another member of your family can use the remote control to open and close the gate or arage door. You can also use any of the below garage remote controls.

Tesla Homelink Compatible Receiver Features

The Tesla Homelink Receiver will allow you to operate a garage door or gate from the Tesla touchscreen. Come and go with easy access. Connect your Model 3 or Model Y to your garage door, gate system and other radio-frequency (RF) controlled devices with the fully integrated Homelink module.
  • Compact design suitable for mounting inside of gate motor control boxes or next to garage door motors
  • SecuraCode technology ensures your Tesla’s HomeLink system always opens the door, eliminating interference
  • The AORX is pre-wired and labelled, ensuring a quick and simple installation process, without needing to buy any wiring
  • Wholesale Garage Doors is only staffed by trained garage door technicians. We can assist with wiring diagrams and guides if required.

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