Elsema PCR433WG Wiegand Receiver Compatibility

1x Elsema Single Penta Receiver with Wiegand Output
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Elsema PCR433USB Penta PentaCODE Transmitssion Monitor
Elsema PCR433USB PentaCode Transmission Monitor


Elsema PCR433USB Transmission Monitor Specifications

 Repeater Dimensions – (cm)
 Repeater Weight -g
 Manufacturer Elsema
 Model Number PCR433USB
 Remote Encryption PentaCode
 Connection Type Wired
 Warranty 2 Year


Elsema PCR433USB Transmission Monitor Compatibility

The PCR433USB is used to monitor the transmission of PentaCODE remote controls using computer database software. The software runs on your PC and has a database to which it records the transmitter’s identity every time the transmitter is used.

Each transmitter can have up to five different identifiers. For example, the name, phone number, fax and address of a person using the transmitter. The software can be configued to prompt an alarm dialog box and activate a relay, when a transmitter is activated.

Elsema Transmission Monitor Features

  • Compatible with PentaCODE remotes
  • USB output to connect directly to a computer
  • Highly sensitive recveiver input stage
  • Crystal controlled for high reliability
  • Easy mounting to walls



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