Elsema PCR43301RE Receiver Compatibility

1x Elsema Single Channel Receiver
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Elsema PCR43301RE Single Channel Receiver Packaging
Elsema PCR43301RE Wired 1 Channel Receiver


Elsema PCR43301RE Receiver Specifications

 Hub Dimensions 7 x 5.5 x 2.5 (cm)
 Hub Weight -g
 Manufacturer Elsema
 Model Number PCR43301RE
 Remote Encryption PentaCode & PentaFob
 Connection Type Wired
 Warranty 2 Year


Elsema PCR43301RE Receiver Compatibility

This receiver is compatible with both the PentaCode and PentaFob series of Elsema remotes. The PentaCODE® dual coding system allows you to program a remote control using the older dipswitch settings, or via digital ‘Learning’.


Elsema PCR43301RE Receiver Features

The Elsema PCR43301RE receiver allows you to upgrade an older garage door or gate opener to work with a new series of remote controls. A normal garage door receiver wires into your garage door motor, using a standard 2-core wire. The receiver then listens for your remote control and when the button is pressed, opens your garage door. This does not affect the existing remote controls at all.
This is a fantastic way to upgrade your remote controls without having to buy a new garage door opener.
  • Coding using 12-way dipswitch or encrypted codes
  • Momentary and Latching modes are user selectable
  • Antenna diversity for robust link with extended range
  • Compatible with PentaFOB® and PentaCODE® remotes
  • The PCR43301RE has 1 channel available to operate
  • Narrow-band hopping transmission across multiple channel frequencies (433.1MHz to 434.7MHz)



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