Elsema GLR43303 Gigalink Receiver Includes

1x Elsema Triple Channel Gigalink Receiver
Instruction Manual


Elsema GLR43303 Wired 3 Channel Gigalink Receiver


Elsema GLR43303 Gigalink Receiver Specifications

 Hub Dimensions – (cm)
 Hub Weight -g
 Manufacturer Elsema
 Model Number GLR43303
 Remote Encryption Gigalink
 Connection Type Wired
 Warranty 2 Year


Elsema GLR43303 Gigalink Receiver Compatibility

This Elsema GLR43303 receiver is compatible with the Gigalink series of Elsema remotes.

ANT433 LP (Antenna)
ANT433 S (Antenna)
ANT433 M (Antenna)


Elsema GLR43303 Gigalink Receiver Features

The Elsema Gigalink receiver allows you to upgrade an older garage door or gate opener to work with a new series of remote controls. The GLR series of receivers are also used for industrial applications, such as spray reels, concerete trucks and A normal garage door receiver wires into your garage door motor, using a standard 2-core wire. This allows the Elsema recever to wire into nearly setup and allow ytou to control your device from up to 400m away via a standard 12/24V power input. Momentary, latching and security latching output modes can be selected by the user. This does not affect the existing remote controls at all, unless you remove the old receiver entirely.
This is a fantastic way to upgrade your remote controls without having to buy a new spray reel or gate opener.
  • Operating range of up to 350 – 400 metres
  • Can store unlimited number of transmitters
  • Supply voltage can be 12 – 24 Volts AC or DC
  • Momentary, Latching and Security Latching output modes can be selected by the user
  • Ideal for Industrial Automation, eg Crane Control, winches, wireless cement truck operation, Automatic Gates, Security Systems, Timer Controlled outputs and other simple on/off functions



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