PTX-6 Black Garage Remote Case Includes

1x ATA PTX-6 Empty Remote Case
2x Screws
No Circuit Board Included


PTX-6 Black Remote Enclosure
Automatic Technology PTX-6 Black Remote Case


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PTX-6 Black Garage Remote Case Specifications

Remote Dimensions 7.5 x 3.6 x 1.2 (cm)
Case Weight 12g
Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
Model Number 100556
Batteries Included No
Circuit Board Included No
Warranty 1 Year


PTX-6 Black Garage Remote Case Compatibility

ATA PTX6 Black

This listing is for a replacement garage door remote case for the PTX-6 remote control. Please note, that this means that there is no circuit board included with this remote control.
If you need a replacement remote control, please see below for the complete remote control.

ATA PTX-6 Garage Door Remote – Black
ATA PTX-6 Garage Door Remote – Grey

PTX-6 Black Garage Remote Case Features

The ATA PTX6 replacement enclosure will suit the above remote controls. Please note, when removing the board from your remote control ensure you pop the side toggles before gently angling the board up and out of the old case to prevent any damage. There are board holders on the inner sides of the case, as well as the top of the case.

When inserting a new board, ensure you gently clip the board under the top board toggles, before angling down and pressing to clip past the side toggles.


Automatic Technology Australia


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