Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3 Includes

1x Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3
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Steel Line Replacement Garage Door Hinge #3 Angle
Steel-Line Nylon Hinge 3


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Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3 Specifications

ManufacturerSteel-Line Doors
Model Number10-550-0133
Hinge Number#3


Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3 Compatibility

Hinges will be numbered 1 to 4 from bottom to the top of the door. There is also a middle hinge that has no number stamped on it, referred to as an ‘Intermediate’ hinge. If your hinge is stamped “3” this will replace the hinge used to join the 3rd panel and the 4th panel. Please note that the hinges are not interchangeable with one another, i.e. Hinge #1 will not suit #3 hinges.


Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3 Features

Garage door hinges are the hinges that connect the sections of your garage door together, allowing the sections to navigate along the rounded portions of garage door track. Standard garage door hinges are manufactured utilizing galvanized steel or hardened nylon, and are produced in a variety of styles, shapes, and gauges to accommodate the overall dimensions of the door.


Most of the time all, of the hinges in the centre of the door are #1 hinges.  The hinges on the edge of the garage door that hold the rollers are numbered.  The hinges between the bottom panel and the second panel are #1 hinges.  The hinges between the second and third panel are #2 hinges.  The hinges between the third panel and fourth panel are #3 hinges and so on…


As they age, garage door springs begin to detension causing strain on the springs themselves, the cables and the hinges on the door. If your Steel-Line Nylon Hinge #3 has snapped, Wholesale Garage highly recommends you get your door serviced as well as this genuine replacement part for your door to prevent future damage.

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