CR2016 Battery Includes

1x CR2016 Lithium Battery
Please see listing for safety information.


CR2016 Lithium Battery
CR2016 Lithium Coin Battery 3V


CR2016 Battery Lithium Coin Specifications

Battery Classification  “CR2016 3V Battery”
Nominal Voltage 3.0 Volts
Typical Capacity 100 mAh (to 2.0 volts)
Typical Weight 1.9 Grams
Typical Volume 0.5 cubic centimetres
Chemical System Lithium / Manganese Dioxide
Typical Li Content .036 grams


CR2016 Battery Compatibility

The CR2016 will suit a wide range of garage door remote controls. If you are unsure on which battery your remote control uses, you can search your remote on our website. We list the correct battery type for every remote control. Alternatively, you can contact us for more specific guidance on which lithium battery you might require.


CR2016 Battery Safety

Please see the relevant safety information below.

Example CR2016 Safety Data Sheet
Lithium Button Battery Warning


CR2016 Battery Features

Don’t let their small size fool you: This 2016 Lithium Coin 3-Volt Battery delivers big time on long-lasting, dependable power. From heart rate or glucose monitors to remotes, keyless entry systems, key fobs, watches, toys, and games and even more specialized devices. Our coin batteries are compatible with the devices that fit your life, so you can keep going. These reliable and durable Coin Lithium Batteries are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures (from -30º to 60º C).

Also, they can hold power in storage for up to 10 years, giving you coin battery power you can depend on. Furthermore, these are responsibly designed with zero mercury and child-resistant safety packaging. It’s easy to see why Lithium Coin Batteries are the right choice for your garage door remote controls!


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