BnD Doors OT3568 Hinge Includes

1x B&D Doors Nylon Hinge Link


BnD Nylon Hinge Link 0T3561
BnD Plastic Hinge Link #0T3568 / #OT3568


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BnD Doors OT3568 Hinge Specifications

Hinge Dimensions 7.5 x 4.7 x 1.8 (cm)
Manufacturer BnD Doors Australia
Model Number #0T3568
Warranty 1 Year


BnD Doors OT3568 Hinge Compatibility

Each BnD hinge on your Panel Lift door is uniquely shaped, to handle different loads and stresses as your door is operated. The pin hinge (#OT4517) links the parts #OT4516 and #OT3561 together, allowing them to engage and form the hinge with part #OT4515.
Before purchasing this listing, please ensure that your broken part looks exactly the same as the pictured part otherwise, it will not link the parts together.

Automatic Technology Australia


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