BFT Clonix 2-Channel Receiver Includes

1x 2 Channel BFT Gate Keypad
Instructions included in the box


BFT Clonix 2 Channel Receiver 2E/128


BFT Clonix 2-Channel Receiver Specifications

Receiver Dimensions 16.3 x 7.1 x -3.8 (cm)
Receiver Weight 130g
Manufacturer BFT
Model Number Clonix 2E/128
Batteries Included No – Wired Connection
Number of Channels 2 Channels
Warranty 1 Year


BFT Clonix 2-Channel Receiver Compatibility

This receiver is compatible with the below BFT remote controls.

  • BFT Mitto 2B
  • BFT Mitto 4B


BFT Clonix 2-Channel Receiver Features

The BFT Clonix 2E-128 Receiver is engineered with security at its core. It operates on a 128-bit encryption level, ensuring that your access codes are protected against cloning and hacking attempts. This high level of encryption provides peace of mind, knowing that only authorized users can gain access. One of the standout features of the Clonix 2E-128 is its compatibility with a wide range of transmitters. It supports up to 128 transmitters, making it an ideal choice for both small and large-scale operations. The receiver’s extended range ensures reliable performance, even in large areas or challenging environments.

Integration with your existing gate or door system is straightforward, thanks to the Clonix 2E-128’s user-friendly design. It comes with clear instructions and can be easily installed by professionals or those with basic technical skills. The setup process is streamlined, allowing for quick and hassle-free programming of transmitters. Despite its powerful capabilities, the Clonix 2E-128 boasts a compact and sleek design. It can be discretely integrated into any setting without compromising on aesthetics, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with your property’s design.


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