B&D Roller Door Seal Includes

3.2m of B&D Post-96 Garage Roller Door Seal


B&D Doors Australia Garage Door Weather Seal In Hand Roll
BD weatherseal current Type 3.2M Length


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B&D Roller Door Seal Specifications

Seal Width52mm Wide
ManufacturerB&D Doors Australia
Years in Use1996 – Current


B&D Roller Door Seal Benefits

Your garage doors are your home’s largest access point, so if your garage doors have a faulty B&D Roller Door Seal, your house risks exposure to the elements and unwelcome pests like insects and rodents. If you’re looking to save energy, reduce your heating or cooling costs, protect your garage from water damage and keep pests away, sealing your garage door can do all of the above. While all garage doors come with a weather seal, they wear out over time and need replacement. Installing a new weatherseal onto your garage door provides you with peace of mind by ensuring nothing can get into your home, plus offers a revitalising look.

How long your garage door seal lasts depends on your location, climate and weather conditions. Your sealing may wear out sooner if your garage door often experiences extreme temperature fluctuations and frequent weather events. You can expect your B&D Roller Door Seal to last an average of two years with normal wear and tear.

Here are some warning signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to replace the sealing.

  • Visible distortions in the stripping, such as cracks or color changes.
  • The seal is no longer bouncing back into place and leaves a gap between the garage door and the floor.
  • Water begins to enter your garage near the door.
  • Pieces of the garage door seal are breaking off when you touch it.


B&D Weatherseal 1996-Current Installation

  1. Remove the old rubber seal by pulling it through the retainer track.
  2. Place your new B&D Roller Door Seal into a bucket of warm, soapy water to soften for ten minutes. Whilst waiting, wash the retainer track with a rag to remove any residual grime and dirt, then rinse.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of dish soap in the retainer track to lubricate it. Then, feed the weather seal into the track (ridges of the seal facing outward).
  4. Cut off the excess seal with scissors. If there are caps for the weather seal, put them on the ends.


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