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1x B&D 46mm Nylon Roller


B&D Garage Door Nylon Roller Wheel – 46mm


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B&D Door Roller Nylon Wheel Specifications

Axle Type11 ball bearings (46mm diameter)
ApplicationDesigned for industry-standard 2-inch residential garage door tracks
Shaft Length120mm (4.72 inches)
Shaft Diameter11mm (7/16 inches)
Load RatingApproximately 34kg (75lbs) per roller
Expected LifeUp to 15,000 cycles on a 3.65m (12 feet) high door (a cycle includes one complete open and complete close)
Warranty1 Year Warranty


B&D Door Roller Nylon Wheel Compatibility

These standard nylon rollers feature a sturdy internal bearing that guarantees smooth and noiseless operation. If your current rollers are worn out or causing annoying noises, it’s time to replace them with these B&D Garage Door Nylon Roller Wheels. Your garage door will thank you with a noticeably smoother and quieter performance.

Upgrade your garage door’s functionality today with B&D’s trusted and dependable nylon roller wheel. Experience the difference in convenience and peace of mind when you choose quality garage door accessories. Don’t let noisy, outdated rollers hold you back – make the switch to B&D and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained garage door.


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