B&D Worm Gear Kit Includes

1x Replacement Worm Gear Kit
1x Replacement Worm Gear
Assorted Fixings, Flanges
Installation Instructions


B&D Doors Replacement Drive Gear and Worm Kit
B&D CAD4 Worm Gear Kit


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B&D Worm Gear Kit Specifications

Gear Dimensions 70 x 30 mm (approx)
Kit Weight 175 grams
Manufacturer B&D Doors Australia
Model Number 041A2817
Hardware Included Bushings, grease, worm gear

B&D Worm Gear Kit Compatibility

The B&D CAD4 was rebranded under a number of different names and brands, including Easylift, Merlin, Centurian, Firmamatic and more. They all used this worm gear.
Please see below for the full list of motors that are compatible with this replacement sprocket kit.
Firmamatic – 062400/4400EEO, 062196/4400EFM, 062507 & Firmamatic 4400EDBS
B&D Control-a-Door 4 – CAD4 model’s 62196, 062197 , 062198 , 062199, 062200
BM4 – 062103/4400EBLDS
Easylift – 62102/440EBD, 50739 420EBD
Centurion – 062402/4400ECE
Merlin – 50739/420EBD, MT5580, MT5580P

B&D Worm Gear Kit Features

The B&D Control-A-Door 4 drive gear and worm kit will allow you to be able to engineer a DIY-able fix for when your white drive cog breaks. A common reason behind the gear breaking is that the smaller cog on the dual sprocket was used, which places immense strain on the unit for the sake of a 1.5 second faster opening speed. This can cause either the shaft to break, or the gear to shred under pressure. A complete installation guide comes with this kit, which will help you replace ytour old, broken garage door opener part. You will require some basic tools, such as a ladder, screwdriver, socket wrench and assorted sockets.

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