ATA 61932 Gen2 BBU Includes

1x ATA 5-Pin Battery Backup
Installation Instructions


ATA Battery Backup Gen2 5-Pin 61932 Battery Backup Lead
ATA Gen2 Battery Backup 61932


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ATA Gen2 Battery Backup Specifications

 Battery Dimensions – (cm)
 Battery Weight – g
 Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
 Model Number 62737
 Batteries Included 2x 12V 2.3 Ah
 Battery Type Lead Acid
 Warranty 1 Year


ATA Gen2 Battery Backup Compatibility

This ATA Gen2 Battery Backup will only suit the below Automatic Technology Australia garage door openers that take a 5-pin backup hub unit. This battery backup is not suitable for any other Automatic Technology Australia opener. We have instructions available here.


Compatible ATA Roller Door Openers
GDO-6v4 EasyRoller Gen2
RDO-1v3 CAD PD Gen2
RDO-1v4 CAD PD Gen2


Compatible ATA Sectional Door Openers
GDO-9v2 Enduro
GDO-9v3 Dynamo
GDO-11v1 Ero
SDO-2v2 Advance
SDO-2v3 Prodigy


ATA Gen2 Battery Backup Features

If the power’s out, not being able to open your garage door and drive in is a real pain. But, not being able to get out can really throw a spanner in the works! However, If you’ve got one a Battery Backup you’ll have peace of mind. This battery backup powers your opener including safety features as if the power was still on. Don’t get stuck without one! The ATA garage door battery backup will allow you to enter and exit your home when the power is out, an especially crucial feature if you live in a flood or bush fire prone area.

There are several mounting options available for the ATA battery backup, which allow you to easily install the BBU unit even in tight sideroom installations.

In the event of power failure/blackout, you can rely on your door providing the security and convenience of automation. As soon as mains power drops out, the Battery Back Up system takes over, even if the door is moving at the time. This clever system also features a self-protection system to prevent damaging total discharge of the battery.


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