ATA 61956 Light Globe Includes

1x ATA 61956 Festoon Light Globe


ATA 61956 Light Globe
ATA 61956 Light Globe Bulb for GDO-6 GDO-9 GDO-11


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ATA 61956 Light Globe Specifications

Bulb Dimensions 15 x 44 (mm)
Bulb Specs 24V / 15W
Bulb Style Festoon Light Bulb
Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
Model Number 61956
Warranty 1 Year


ATA 61956 Light Globe Compatibility

This 24V / 15W bulb will suit the below garage door openers. Please note, if your opener is not listed below please get in contact with us before ordering.

  • GDO-6v1 (Slim-Drive EasyRoller)
  • GDO-6v2 (Slim-Drive EasyRoller)
  • GDO-6v3 (EasyRoller)
  • GDO-9v3 (Dominator)
  • GDO-9v3 (Dynamo)
  • GDO-11v1 (Securalift Ero)
  • GDO-11v3 (Ero)
  • SDO-3v2 (CAD S)
  • SDO-4V1 (PanelPro)


ATA 61956 Light Globe Features

The older ATA & B&D garage door openers utilized the heavy duty AC motors, which vibrated the motor housing. The dedicated ATA & B&D replacement globe features a reinforced filament, allowing it to withstand the operational movement without blowing.

Avoid cheap globes not suited for garage door openers! We’ve been seeing unsuitable domestic globes making their way onto the garage door market. Whilst they fit the globe socket, they are not suited for the vibrations of the older AC units, or the newer DC units on today’s market. This globe is designed for your garage door opener, which we use in the garage door industry every day.


Automatic Technology Australia


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