ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Circuit Board Includes

1x ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Circuit Board


ATA Circuit Board DCB05 Gen2
ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Replacement Circuit Board


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ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Circuit Board Specifications

Board Dimensions 130 x 140 x 45(mm)
Board Weight 365g
Board Encryption TrioCode 128
Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
Model Number 60834
Warranty 1 Year


ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Circuit Board Compatibility

This ATA replacement circuit board will suit the below openers:

  • DCB-05
  • DCB-05v2


ATA 60834 DCB05v2 Circuit Board Features

This is a replacement circuit board only. This is primarily used when replacing a blown circuit board, or when upgrading an older ATA circuit board. The DCB-05 control system is designed to pair with the Elite Swing Gate Opener and adaptable to any 2, 3 or 5 wire gate opener.

When replacing your old circuit board, take a number of photos with your mobile. Expecially take note of what terminals any existing wires run into and if there are any board stand-offs present. Replacing a circuit board is as simple as disconnecting the plugs and replacing them into the same spots on the new circuit board.


Automatic Technology Australia


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