Merlin MS125MYQ Garage Door Opener Includes

1x Merlin “Commander Extreme” MS125MYQ Garage Door Opener
2x E970M Premium Keyring Transmitters
1x E148M Premium Wireless Wall Button
1x 3.3m Belt Rail
Installation Instructions


Merlin MS125MYQ Commander Extreme Specifications

Rated Door Area 20m² (6.5m W x 3m H)
Suitable Doors Double Panel or Tilt
Min Head Room 30mm
Model Number MS125MYQ
Peak Power 1200N
Standby Power 2.2W
Opening Speed 130mm/sec
MHz Frequency FM 433.92
Memory Register 64
Lighting LED Lighting
Warranty 7 Years / 20,000 cycles



Merlin MS125MYQ Commander Extreme Features

First introduced in 2009 the Merlin Tilt series, also known as the “MT” series  of Tilt, Sectional and Panel openers are one of the most commonly seen roller door openers in Australia. Building upon 10+ years of history, the Merlin MS125MYQ Commander Extreme offers high quality operation at a low price, with advanced safety features such as slow start / stop, auto reverse and interference free remote controls.

The Merlin MS125MYQ Commander Extreme is designed for operation in extreme or high wind areas, or for heavy custom doors that normal operators and brands cannot open. The Commander Extreme is also compatible with Merlin’s MYQ Smart Kit and has heavy lifting power of 150kg or 286kg (with beams) plus new powerful LED lighting.

The included E970M remote controls features a rolling code encryption called Security+ 2.0, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from over trillions of possibilities. By transmitting across three frequencies, the E970M all but eliminates interference problems, meaning your garage door will open with every press of the button. Due to the remotes high security, only your garage door remotes will ever open your Commander Extreme, preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.

Older MT models this unit can replace includes the MT5580, MT600, MT800, MT1000 and MT100EVO.


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