ATA GDO11v3 Sectional Opener Includes

1x ATA “Ero” GDO11v3 Panel Lift Opener
3x PTX5v2 Keyring Transmitters
1x 3.2m Belt Rail
Installation Instructions


Automatic Technology ERO GDO-11 TrioCode 128 Sectional Opener
ATA Ero GDO-11 Gen2 overhead opener


ATA Ero GDO-11 Specifications

Rated Door Area13.5m² (5m W x 2.4m H)
Suitable DoorsSingle Panel / Tilt
Min Head Room57mm
Model NumberGDO11
Peak Power650N
Standby Power2.2W
Opening Speed130mm/sec
MHz FrequencyFM 433.92
Memory Register8
LightingFestoon Lighting
Warranty5 Years / 10,000 cycles


ATA Ero GDO-11 Features

The Ero® offers a leading edge garage door opener at a value for money price. With all the important features included, and a 650N DC motor that will drive most standard residential sectional doors, the ATA Ero GDO-11 is the entry level opener to make your automation desires a reality. The ERO features an Intelligent Safety System, Door Profiling and Soft Start/Soft Stop technology. It also includes a Standard Courtesy Light, and a service indicator to conveniently remind you when your door needs servicing. The included 1-piece 3.2m long rail will suit doors up to 2.4m high.

The included PTX5v2 remote control features a rolling code encryption called TrioCode 128, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from trillions upon trillions of possibilities.

By transmitting across three frequencies, the PTX5v2 all but eliminates interference problems, meaning your ATA Ero GDO-11 will open with every press of the button. Due to the remotes high security, only your garage door remotes will ever open your GDO-11 preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door. Optional accessories include a battery backup, PE Safety Beams or a weatherproof keypad. Click here for video instructions on how to install your ATA Ero GDO-11.


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