B&D Secure Garage Door Opener Includes

1x B&D “CAD Secure” Tilt Door Opener
1x Pre-Assembled, 1-Piece Belt Rail
2x TB6 Premium Keyring Transmitters (1x Red, 1x Black)
1x WTB6 Premium Wireless Wall Button
Installation Instructions


BnD Control A Door CAD Secure SDO6 Powerhead Lead Image
BD Secure SDO-6 overhead opener


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B&D Control-A-Door Secure Specifications

Rated Door Area 18m² (6m W x 3m H)
Suitable Doors Single, Double Panel / Tilt
Min Head Room 57mm
Model Number SDO-6
Peak Power 1000N
Standby Power 2.2W
Opening Speed 130mm/sec
MHz Frequency FM 433.92
Memory Register 64
Lighting LED Lighting
Warranty 7 Years / 20,000 cycles


B&D Control-A-Door Secure Features

The B&D Control-A-Door Secure will suit any residential tilt or sectional door made in Australia or New Zealand up to 18m² and is the replacement for the B&D CAD Advance. B&D now feature the CAD Secure with their proprietry Safe Lock Anti-Tamper system, to help prevent your garage door against forced entry. Should the motor detect a criminal forcing their way into your garage, the motor locks down the rail and door, whilst sending an alert to your phone about the attempted break-in within seconds if you have a Smartphone Kit installed.

The included TB6 remote control features a rolling code encryption called TriTran+ Enhanced, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from trillions upon trillions of possibilities.

By transmitting across three frequencies, the TB6 all but eliminates interference problems, meaning your B&D Control-A-Door Secure will open with every press of the button. Due to the remotes high security, only your garage door remotes will ever open your gate or door preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.

Optional accessories include a battery backup, PE Safety Beams or a wall-mounted transmitter. Please click here for video instructions showing how you can install your new garage door opener.


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