iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit Includes

1x iSmartGate Pro Kit for Gates & Roller Doors
(Operates 3x roller doors or gates)
1x Wireless Magnetic Sensor
2x Double Sided Tape
1x Power Supply
Installation Instructions


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iSmartGate Kit Pro


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iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit Specifications

Hub Dimensions11.3 x 11.3 x 2.8  (cm)
Hub Weight127g
Model NumberiSG-02WAU103
Sensor IncludedMagnetic Wireless Sensor
Sensor Battery TypeAlkaline N Type 1.5V
Warranty1 Year


iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit Compatibility

The iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit will suit any garage roller door opener or gate opener made post-1990. This includes every roller door motor and gate motor that we sell on the Wholesale Garage Doors website. We have wiring diagrams available for nearly every automation brand in Australia and are happy to send them to you pre-purchase.

The Pro kit will allow you to wire this into three roller doors or gate openers.

iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit Features

Real-time alerts & monitoring
  • Notifies via Push notifications for when the door is open or closed
  • The Garage Kit (green) also monitors the temperature in the garage, as well as the battery levels. Not available on the iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit (blue)
  • Notifications can also be sent via email if required


User management to grant or deny access for up to ten named users

More than ten users can be added via a subscription

  • Pro allows 100 users for $49/ year
  • Unlimited allows any amount of users for $99/year

Four types of users to allow either temporary access or ongoing

  • 1x Admin to run and manage all users
  • Total Access for 24/7 access, designed for families or employees.
  • Restricted access for time/day gated access (Example, 7 am to 7 pm, Monday – Friday only). Great for business’.
  • 1 Day access, again can be time/day gates. Designed for use with trades, or real estate agents.

If video monitoring is added, can be restricted per user (I.e. select users cannot see camera vision but other users can)


Optional Video Monitoring

Two different versions of cameras, being Indoor / Outdoor.

  • Outdoor is a waterproof 1080P camera, with Night Vision / Motion Detection.
  • Indoor is non-waterproof, with Night Vision / Motion Detection. Also allows two-way audio communication.

Video monitoring requires a $30 subscription for $29.95
You can add 1x Camera to the iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit


Methods of Activating Door

As standard, you would open the app to press the button.
You can use IFTTT (more below) to hook up your iSmartGate into your Assistant (Example: Google open the garage door)

  • You can also use IFTTT for GeoFencing. GeoFencing is where your Kit will detect when you arrive within a pre-determined radius around your home (normally 100-200m) and opens your garage door automatically.


Security Logging

All user events with the iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit app are logged. Example: Dave opened the door @ 9.02 PM on Sunday.
Wholesale Garage Doors used this for a school that kept having the main gate left open overnight. Turned out the groundskeepers were leaving it open and not closing at night!


Compatibility / Installation

The iSmartGate Pro Phone Kit is compatible with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, SmartThings & Amazon Alexa.

  • Long story short, IFTTT lets you create or download pre-made ‘applets’ that allow you to create custom commands on your phone. Example Applet for GeoFencing.

By nature, these kits are compatible with any opener that has a terminal block. Power is delivered via a 240V plug in the wall. Connection to a garage door opener is via two wires, into the O/S/C or Normally Open Terminal, as well as the Ground or Common terminal.

Both green and blue kits use wireless sensors for door status monitoring but require the sensors to be in the range of the WiFi from the home.

  • The hub will still need to be directly wired to the garage door or gate opener (telecom or trailer wire) to send the open or close command.
  • Wired roller sensors are available if the customer does not want to replace batteries in the sensor for roller doors.



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