Proton Car Key Cases

Selecting the appropriate replacement key for your Proton is essential for maintaining both functionality and aesthetics. Here’s how you can find the perfect match:

  • Match your existing key fob with our detailed product images.
  • Verify that your Proton model and manufacturing year correspond with our product specifications.
  • Ensure the key blade in our visuals is identical to yours.

Our Proton car key listings offer comprehensive information, including key blade types, compatibility with internal circuit boards, and requisite chip models. We aim to give you all the necessary details, enabling a confident and informed choice for your Proton car key replacement.

Replacing your Proton key case is a straightforward process that can usually be completed at home. If you need a new key blade, it should be professionally cut by a locksmith to fit your car’s lock.

We provide explicit instructions for each Proton key case replacement in our listings. Our range covers various Proton models, ensuring that you find the exact match for your vehicle, such as:

  • Proton Saga
  • Proton Persona
  • Proton Exora
  • Proton Prevé
  • Proton Suprima S
  • Proton X70

The cost of a replacement Proton car key case can vary, typically ranging from $15 to $35, depending on the model and design complexity. Please note that our Proton key cases are sold without electronic internals. For those needing a complete remote key, we offer a wide range of full replacement keys.

At Wholesale Garage Doors, our prices are competitive, and we provide free shipping across Australia, making us a cost-effective option for your Proton key case needs.

Wholesale Garage Doors is renowned in Australia for high-quality automotive solutions, including a range of Proton car key cases. Sourced from reputable manufacturers, our products meet, or in some cases, exceed original equipment manufacturer standards.

Although these key cases are not directly manufactured by Proton, they are precisely engineered for perfect fit and finish. For any guidance on your purchase or assistance with product selection, our customer service team, comprised of skilled technicians, is always ready to assist. We’re dedicated to offering the best support for your Proton key replacement needs.