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Timber Look Garage Door

Should you choose a timber or timber-look garage door?

If you have finally decided that you want a wooden look for your garage door, you will now face a difficult decision. You must decide whether to go with an actual timber door made out of solid wood or a timber-look garage door made out of synthetic materials and metal.

Timber Look Garage Door

There are pros and cons associated with each type of door, which can make the decision-making process difficult. Luckily, we are here to help you if you are faced with this type of decision. The following is a look at some of the pros and cons associated with both kinds of garage doors.

A Closer Look at Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors are completely made from 100% natural wood. As a result, this gives them an all-natural look. Just like with any garage door, there are pros and cons associated with a wood-style garage door.

Pros of wood-style garage doors include:
  • All-natural appearance
  • Eco-friendly as it is made from recyclable material
  • Ability to be re-stained in addition to being re-painted
  • Durable and solid
Cons of a wood look garage door include:
  • A lot of maintenance is involved to keep timber doors looking fresh and clean
  • Susceptible to rot and termites
  • In conclusion, it is a very expensive garage door option

A Closer Look at Timber-Look Garage Doors

Timber-look garage doors have the look and appearance of a wooden garage door, but they are made of steel and other synthetic materials such as COLORBOND. This garage door option is ideal for individuals who want the wooden door appearance, but who may be shopping on a budget or don’t fancy the idea of ongoing maintenance.


What are the Pros?

  • Low maintenance
  • Strong, secure, and durable
  • Termite and rot-resistant
  • Ability to customise your garage door colour and finish by choosing from a variety of colours
  • Affordable, budget-friendly garage door option


What are the Cons?

  • May not look exactly 100% like a wooden door
  • Replacing the colouring and finishing may be time-consuming and costly
  • Materials are normally not sustainable


Buy Your New Garage Door Online

Let Wholesale Garage Doors Help You Make a Decision Between Timber and Timber-Look Garage Doors Wholesale Garage Doors can help guide you through the decision-making process when it comes to picking a timber garage door or a timber-look garage door. We can help you explore your options and determine what timber or timber-look garage roller doors are best for your home.

We have many Taurean Door Systems roller doors or panel lift doors that are available in wood-look colours (known as Colorgrain). Made from Colorbond steel, the wood colours never fade.

Contact Wholesale Garage Doors today to learn more about these kinds of garage doors. We will be happy to discuss your options for roller and panel doors and help you select the best one for your home.

How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?

How much does a garage door cost?

If your garage door breaks down or you’ve decided to revamp the kerb appeal of your home, you may be facing the difficult decision of repair or replacement. Before that decision can be made, most homeowners wish to understand how much a new garage door will cost.

How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?

To help you understand the financial aspect of purchasing and installing a garage roller door or panel lift door, we have broken down how to determine your garage door cost. This information can help you make an informed decision regarding whether to repair the garage door or simply replace it.

Garage Door Cost Factors

The price of a new garage door can vary dramatically. A single garage roller door price can be as little as $775. The price increases depending upon the size, materials used, and even the model of the garage door. The most expensive garage doors can cost as much as $5,200. The cost of your new garage door will include all hardware, brackets and tracks needed to be able to install your new garage door. Some factors that will influence the cost of your garage door include:

  • Materials used – All doors that Wholesale Garage sells are Australian COLORBOND® steel, in a variety of finishes. This includes some garage doors that offer an additional cost finish that replicates the look and feel of timber but with the strength and durability of steel
  • Size – The larger you go, the more it will cost. A common misconception is that there is a ‘Standard Garage Door Size’. There is no standard size, as the door is solely dependent on the size of your opening.
  • Insulated or Un-Insulated – Insulated garage roller doors cost more because of the extra material used to insulate the door.
  • Style – Various makes and models of garage doors come with additional features, such as safety sensors and extra panelling along the bottom to prevent dirt, debris, or water from getting into the garage.
  • Colour – Neutral garage door colours are often the least expensive. However, many doors can be customised in various colours to match your home’s exterior décor at little or no additional expense.
  • Automation – Why would you manually open your brand new garage door? The cost of an automatic garage door opener that works with a remote is just $300. We highly recommend the Australian-owned Auto Openers, as their openers come with a fantastic 10 Year Warranty.

If you would like to get a quote on your garage door, please visit our easy-to-use garage door price calculator!


Professional Installation Fee Vs DIY

In addition to factoring in the price of the actual garage door, you need to include the fee for installation and removal. That is if you not going to install it yourself.

Most of the garage doors from Wholesale Garage Doors can be installed by homeowners who are comfortable with the technical side of the installation. However, not everyone is comfortable installing a garage door themselves. Therefore, you may need to include the extra fee of having a professional install the garage door.

Installation costs will vary, but it will typically cost approximately $250 to install the garage door. There may also be a fee to remove the old garage door, which is normally around $160.

Deciding whether to replace a garage door or repair it is a personal decision. Very often, you will need to decide based on your budget and how long you have had your garage door. After learning about how much it costs to buy a new garage door, if you are going to replace your existing garage door let us help you.

Wholesale Garage Doors has a wide variety of Taurean and other brands of garage doors. We offer garage doors that you can purchase at wholesale prices, with fast shipping Australia-wide! Contact Wholesale Garage Doors today to request a quote for your new garage door.

Taurean Sectional Panel Lift TIlt 4

How to choose the right roller door motor

Technology has certainly changed the way we see garage door openers. No longer are they used just to open and close your garage door. With such a wide variety of roller door motor’s on todays market, it can be hard to decide which to choose. We’ve written this blog today with our entire staff, with over 200 years of combined garage door experience!

Wholesale Garage Door Panel Lift Door Display Home

Choosing the right garage door opener is almost just as important as choosing the right garage door for your home. Below we compare the Merlin and Auto Opener brands of roller door openers, with our recommendations and thoughts. Taking these things into consideration will help you find the right roller door motor.

Merlin – SilentDrive Elite MR855MYQ

The SilentDrive Elite is from another well-known automation brand, Chamberlain Merlin. The SilentDrive Elite (MR855MYQ for short) also includes two remote controls for your keyring, as well as a dedicated wall button. The MR855MYQ also has LED lighting, with the ability to suit slightly larger doors up to 18m². This works out to 6m wide x 3m high.

The MR855MYQ also has some optional accessories available, including a battery backup, MYQ Connectivity Kit and PE Safety Beams. No camera is available for this opener at the time of writing, however, you can get one with the iSmartGate kit which is compatible with the MR855MYQ.

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The Fine Print

For your warranty, Merlin also offers a 7-year warranty, or 15,000 cycles.

As far as keeping your warranty valid, Merlin requires the opener to be installed by a Professional Dealer authorised by Merlin and serviced in the third year of operation. Whilst Merlin only requires one service, there are a few hidden points. Your door cannot exceed 20kg of lifting weight at any time, cannot stick or bind at any point and must always be balanced. If it is not balanced or is sticking, you cannot use the door until it is serviced. No definition for what is ‘In Balance’ is given in the warranty manual.

Staff Thoughts on the MR8855MYQ Roller Door Motor

Warranty oddness aside, the MR855MYQ is a solid opener. The remotes look and feel good and we haven’t had an issue with one of the SilentDrive openers for a few years. Would recommend it if you are getting the motor installed for you and you are not wanting to DIY install it.

Auto Openers – Door Master

Finishing the round-up is the Auto Openers Door Master. Auto Openers is the only Australian-owned company here today, as Merlin is American-owned.

The Auto Openers Door Master (AODM for short) has three remote controls for your keyring, as well as an included wall holder/visor clip. This little clip has pre-fixed holes, so you can easily mount the holder to the wall. You can then use it as a wall button, or take it out of the holder for visitors to have a keyring remote. You can also it on your car visor in case you want to avoid something else on your keyring. It comes with a metal clip that slips over the visor to hold it in place.

The AODM also has very bright LED lighting and is also able to suit slightly larger doors of 18m². This works out to 6m wide x 3m high.

The AODM also has some optional accessories available, including a battery backup, Smartphone Kit, Smart Camera and PE Safety Beams. If you’re wanting to wire something into the opener, the green wiring terminal plug can be removed from the opener. You can then safely wire up your alarm or accessory on the ground, rather than being on a ladder!

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The Fine Print

Auto Openers offers a 5 or 10-year warranty, with no cycle limitations.

For your 10-year warranty, Auto Openers requires the opener to be installed by an Auto Openers Accredited Dealer. The motor then needs to be serviced yearly by an Accredited Dealer.

If you are planning on a DIY installation, Auto Openers also offers a 5-year warranty. This is the only DIY-supported warranty roller door motor that we sell. Your door just needs to be in good working condition, freely moving without sticking or binding before installation. There is only one required service, again in year 3.


Staff Thoughts on the AODM Roller Door Motor

As far as DIY solutions go, it’s the only one but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Auto Openers released a video showing the AODM installation with one of their techs. The motor’s price point is also much cheaper than Merlin, but it’s got all the same features and specs.

Highly recommended for both Professional and DIY installations.


Professional Installation: Merlin MR855MYQ or Auto Openers Door Master
DIY Installation: Auto Openers Door Master

It’s a bit of a read, but hopefully, you have a greater understanding of what roller door motor you want to purchase. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.