Key Automation 900RXM23Y Receiver Includes

1x 900RXM23Y Add-On Receiver
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Key Automation 900RXM23Y SUB Dual Channel Receiver


Key Automation 900RXM23Y Receiver Specifications

 Remote Dimensions 8.7 x 4.2 x 2.5 (cm)
 Remote Weight 50g
 Manufacturer Key Automation
 Model Number 900RXM23Y
 Batteries Included Yes
 Battery Type CR2032 Lithium
 Warranty 1 Year

Key Automation 900RXM23Y Receiver Compatibility

This receiver is made by Key Automation, to suit their own brand of remote controls. Please see below for a full list of compatible remotes.

Compatible Remotes
  • KSUB44-RR Red
  • KSUB44-PR Pink
  • KSUB44-GR Green
  • KSUB44-BR Blue
  • KSUB44-WR White
  • KSUB44-R Black
  • Orion Transmitters
  • Play Transmitters

Key Automation 900RXM23Y Receiver Features

Equipped with the latest in remote control technology, the KEY SUB-44 RR operates on a self-learning mode for effortless programming. It runs on a 433.92 MHz frequency, ensuring reliable and quick response. The device is powered by a long-lasting CR2032 battery, ensuring extended usage.

Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, this remote control features a metal chromed insert and is available in eight different interchangeable colors, allowing for personalization to suit your style. The slim and compact design fits comfortably in your pocket, making it convenient to carry.

Additionally, the KEY SUB-44 WR comes with an LED indicator for ease of use, and a manual key lock compatible with several Key Automation Motors. Proudly designed and made in Italy, this product offers free shipping Australia-wide and includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it a risk-free investment for enhancing your home’s accessibility and security.

12/24 (receiver) > usually called 12V, 24V V+ (motor)
VAC/VDC (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)
OUT1- Left (receiver) > usually called PB, WB, OSC (motor)
OUT1- Right (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)


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