Ditec ION6 Slider Includes

1x ION6 Ditec Sliding Gate Opener
2x Ditec SLIM2E-DC Remote Control


Ditec ION6 600Kg sliding gate opener


Ditec ION 6 Specifications

Max Gate Length20m
Max Gate Weight600Kg
Opener Dimensions260mm x 195mm x 300mm
Model NumberION6
Peak Power600N
Standby Power2.2W
Opening Speed100 – 300mm/sec
MHz FrequencyFM 433.92
Memory Register64
Water ProtectionIP44
Warranty12 months


Ditec ION 6 Features

The Ditec ION series represents a new generation of electromechanical actuators for sliding gates, emphasizing quality, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance. This range includes motors designed for gates weighing up to 400 Kg and 600 Kg, integrating a multifunction control panel directly into the operating device for enhanced convenience.

One of the standout features of the Ditec ION series is its intelligent design, which includes a rapid self-learning procedure. This feature automatically records all stopping positions in just two operations, adapting seamlessly to a variety of installation contexts. Additionally, the series boasts a 24 V virtual encoder for constant electronic monitoring, ensuring immediate detection of obstacles and safety through the immediate stopping or reversal of motion. In case of power outages, an optional battery system ensures continued operation.

The versatility of the Ditec ION is further highlighted by its advanced control panel, which allows for precise management of gate position and speed. Users can adjust acceleration, deceleration, start time, and approach speed for both opening and closing motions. The system also includes predefined configurations for residential and condominium use, a guided menu for easy configuration, and the option for a steel plate to simplify replacements. The control panel is also designed for compliance with safety standards, even without the installation of active edges, and includes a temperature sensor for optimal performance in various weather conditions. Additionally, an energy-saving mode reduces standby power consumption.




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