BFT Flashing Yellow LED Light Includes:

1x BFT D114093 00003 BFT Radius Led Yellow BT A R1
Installation Instructions


BFT Gate Radius Led Yellow Flashing Light – BT A R1


BFT Flashing Yellow LED Light Specifications

LED Light Dimensions 123mm x 66mm x 156mm
LED Light Weight 250g
Voltage 24V
Protection Rating IP44
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer


BFT Flashing Yellow LED Light Features

Incorporating a flashing light into the operation of sliding or swing gates is an essential safety feature that serves a crucial role in both residential and commercial settings. This simple yet effective addition is designed to alert pedestrians and motorists of a gate’s movement and the potential emergence of a vehicle from a driveway or compound. A BFT Radius LED Light acts as a highly visible indicator that a gate is in operation. Especially important in areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic, the light catches the attention of passersby, signaling them to be cautious. This is particularly useful in poor visibility conditions like dusk, dawn, or foggy weather.

One of the primary purposes of a BFT Radius LED Light on a gate system is to prevent accidents. By providing an early warning, pedestrians and drivers are given ample time to react and slow down, reducing the risk of collisions with the gate or emerging vehicles. In many countries, having a warning system such as a flashing light is not just a safety measure but a legal requirement for automated gate systems. This compliance helps reduce liability risks for property owners in the event of an accident.


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