BFT Replacement MERAK Control Board Includes:

1x BFT I700005 10001 Scheda MERAK 400 Replacement Circuit Board
Installation Instructions


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BFT Replacement MERAK Control Board Specifications

Board Supply Power 230V
Opener Power Supply 24V 80W
Board Dimensions 152mm x 85mm x 30mm
Board Weight 162g
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer


BFT Replacement MERAK Control Board Features

The BFT Deimos A400 Replacement MERAK 400 Control Board is a state-of-the-art solution designed to revitalize and enhance the performance of your gate automation system. This replacement control board is engineered specifically for compatibility with the BFT Deimos A400 Ultra series, ensuring a seamless integration and revitalized operation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the HAMAL 400 Control Board ensures smooth and efficient gate movement. Its advanced circuitry is tailored to provide precise control over the gate’s mechanics, resulting in reliable and consistent gate operation. Safety is a paramount concern in gate operation, and the MERAK 400 Control Board incorporates multiple safety features. It is designed to work with various safety devices, ensuring that your gate system operates safely and complies with the latest safety standards.

The design of the MERAK 400 Control Board focuses on ease of installation. Clear instructions allow for a straightforward setup process, reducing downtime and ensuring that your gate is back in operation quickly. Please ensure that your current board looks the same as the one pictured. If it does not, please contact our friendly team for further assistance in getting the correct replacement BFT circuit board.


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