ATA PE Beam PE-3 Includes

1x ATA PE-3 Safety Beam Kit (3 Wire)
2x Wiring Kits
1x Mounting Kit
Instruction Manual


ATA Safety PE Beam PE-3 Photo Electric Safety Beams Kit
ATA PE Beam PE-3 Safety Kit


ATA PE Beam PE-3 Specifications

Beam Dimensions – (cm)
Beam Weight – g
Manufacturer Automatic Technology Australia
Model Number PE-3
Batteries Included Yes
Battery Type Wired
Warranty 1 Year


ATA PE Beam PE-3 Compatibility

This Automatic Technology ATA PE Beam PE-3 will suit the below garage door and gate motors.
We have instructions available here.


Compatible ATA Roller Door Openers
GDO-6v4 EasyRoller
GDO-8v3 ASM ShedMaster
GDO-10v3 Toro
RDO-1V3 (Roll-A-Pro)
RDO-1V4 Power Drive


Compatible ATA Sectional Door Openers
GDO-7v2 SecuraLift
GDO-7v3 SecuraLift
GDO-8v3 ASM Shed Master
GDO-9 Dynamo
GDO-9 Enduro
GDO-9v2 SecuraLift
GDO-9v2 Enduro
GDO-9v3 Dominator
GDO-9v3 Dynamo
SDO-4V1 PanelPro
SDO-2V2 Advance
SDO-2V2 PowerDrive
SDO-2V3 Prodigy
SDO-3V2 Controll-A-Door S)


Compatible ATA Gate Openers
NES-24v1 NeoSlider
NES-24v3 NeoSlider
SGO-1 Elite
DCB-05 Dual Gate Controller


ATA PE Beam PE-3 Features

Photoelectric safety beams mount on either side of the opening of your garage door or gate to transmit an infrared beam, wired to your garage or gate motor. Depending on the position and action of your door or gate, when this beam is broken different functions occur:

If broken whilst closing, the motor will stop and auto-reverse back to the top. If on a gate, the gate will stop and open.
When broken whilst opening, the motor will continue to open.
If broken whilst not in motion, the motor will refuse to operate, preventing accidental closure on a person or object.

When fitted correctly, PE Beams can protect your family and property. Multiple countries regard PE Beams as a legal requirement for garage or gate openers as a matter of safety, due to the potential of injury. The Australian Industry highly recommends PE Beams for installation on all garage doors and are a requirement for Smartphone Kits to operate.


Automatic Technology Australia


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