ATA Sliding Gate Racking Includes

1m length of ATA Sliding Gate Racking
Installation Manual


Sliding Gate Opener Drive Rail Rack Teeth
ATA 1M Nylon sliding gate drive rail Suit All Brands


Sliding Gate Drive Rail Specifications

Rail Length1m
ColourGrey or Black (Stock Dependant)
Teeth Spacing8 Teeth per 100m Length
Lug SpacingFixed Lugs every 200mm
Suitable BrandsSuits all brands that meet above measurement


Sliding Gate Drive Rail Features

Having been in use for over 20 years, the NeoSlider and EasySlider range of gate openers are known for being one of Australia’s most reliable gate openers. By being designed and originally engineered in Australia, ATA uniquely know the requirements their hardware and accessories need to reach. Their Sliding Gate Drive Rail (also known as gate rack) is designed to last as long as possible, being exposed to the harsh elements.

The ATA Gate Racking comes in hardened nylon with a steel core for silent, powerful operation. Depending on availability, the racking will either be dark grey or black.

This Sliding Gate Racking has 8 teeth per 100m length, with fixed lugs every 200mm. This will suit a large majority of gate operators in Australia, including the ATA range of gate operators (such as the NES-500 and as well as the Centsys range of gate operators, such as the D5 EVO. If you would like some more clarification on whether this would suit your opener, please contact our friendly team.


Automatic Technology Australia, Centsys


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