Roller Door Prices

Tips when purchasing a new garage door

So you're in the market for a new garage roller door? Whether you are replacing an existing garage door or this is a new home or commercial build, there are a few steps to follow so we can organise garage roller door prices for you.

1. Prepare the installation site

Is the site ready for a measure and quote now? All garage roller doors are made to size and the price of your roller door is reflective of the size of the door. We can organise a site inspection and measure of the garage opening and quote accordingly to determine the cost of the roller door. There are many allowances and tolerances that need to be taken into consideration when measuring the garage door opening. If we cannot get a trained professional out to you, there are a couple of tasks we can do to determine the measurements of the door

2. Research latest models and accessories

It is recommended that to determine your new roller door cost correctly, you engage on a little bit of research on the type so we can price exactly the garage door you like. However, if you are unsure, call us so one of our team members can help pick the right garage door for you. Choosing the garage door combination is much more than just a colour. Did you know that there is so many finishes, colours, designs and available accessories that you pick for a custom garage home solution?

3. Compare all your quotes

Double check any comparison quotes if you have any. Make sure you are comparing the same or similarly like products. The B&D Garage Door and Opener offering is of premium quality. Ensure if there are differences in quotations you ask and confirm. Have you compared warranty, safety features and style differences? These all affect your roller door prices. You might also want to ask questions about the opener. Is the opener the same? Both the quotations say Seville pattern, but are these panelift Seville or maybe it's actually our premium door, the Panelift Icon in Seville pattern? Always a good idea to double check and ask that you are comparing the same products. We can help .. Call our team about comparisons and garage door prices and we will help outline the differences for you.

Have you thought about?:
  • What type of door do I need and like ?
  • What garage door opener or accessories will I need?
  • Do I want to open my garage via my iPhone or smart phone? Have I got many people entering the home and I need a keypad , or extra remotes?
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