Roller Door Prices

There are many elements to factor in to a new garage door purchase. Style, colour, size and installation all come into play, but the main question from customers is often that of price. Whether you are looking to install a brand new garage door, or replace an existing one, the roller door price should only be one part of the informed decision making process. Wholesale Garage Doors have the best prices on roller doors in Australia and our expert team are happy to assist you in your next garage door purchase. The approximate prices for the most popular types of garage roller doors, including supply and installation cost are:

  • A Residential Roller Door Price Starts From $530
  • A Residential Panel Doors Starting From $990
  • A Commercial Roller Door Price Starts From $1,590
  • A Commercial Shutter Doors Starting From $2,990

Compare Prices

Residential Roller Door Price
Residential Roller Doors Starting From $530
Residential Panel Door Price
Residential Panel Doors Starting From $990
Commercial Roller Doors Price
Commercial Roller Doors Starting From $1,590
Commercial Shutter Door Cost
Commercial Shutter Doors Starting From $2,990

Before You Purchase

Measure your door size

The size of the opening and its flexibility can drastically affect your garage door price. The most economical way to buy a B&D® roller door is to keep your garage opening under 3000 mm high x 3000 mm wide (3M x 3M).

The bigger the size, the larger the price. It’s that simple.


What colour suits your building?

Whilst common COLORBOND® colours don’t incur any additional costs, special colours such as the B&D® Timber Coat™ range, Knotwood™ range and the Luxe Design™ Powdercoat range will incur an additional cost on top of the standard COLORBOND® door. These prices are determined by size.


Which door type and features do you need?

The B&D® door you have selected may vary due to specific garage door model features. Like most things, there are higher end products with extra features such as increased security, extended warranties and additional benefits, and there is also more entry level, economically priced models.

The B&D® garage door is the best door on the Australian market. This brand is positioned higher than inferior brands in the marketplace through a well-deserved reputation built on superior build quality and range options and pricing reflects this.


Our door delivered to yours

We offer fast shipping Australia wide and delivery fees are priced on application. Depending on availability and locality, pricing for delivery is not always flat rate. Be sure to let us know where you are located and we will price accordingly.

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