Garage Roller Door – 2800mm High

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Basalt Garage door
2800mm High Residential

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Measuring Your Garage or Shed Roller Door

You don’t need to call your local garage door repairman or salesperson to measure your roller door. This can be easily done by anyone, including yourself. Before we begin, there are a few terms we want to make sure are clear:

This is the hole in your wall the garage door will cover and protect. A roller door is typically installed on the inside of your opening, within the garage or shed itself.

This is the space between the edge of your opening, and the garage or shed wall.

This is the space between the edge of your opening and the ceiling (or roof).

1. Measure the width of your opening. In this example, our opening will be 2800mm, or 2.5m wide. If your opening is under 3430mm wide, add another 50mm to the width. If your width is over 3431mm wide, add 100mm to the width. This is so your garage door has enough room to install either side of your opening.

2. Measure the height of the opening. In this example, our opening is a standard 2800mm, or 2.8m high.

3. Ensure you have enough headroom. For a standard 2800mm high opening, you need at least 485mm of headroom. You will require more headroom for higher roller doors.

For more information, please head over to our roller door installation page.

Ordering Your Garage or Shed Roller Door

Once you have your garage door width, select the door width bracket you fall into. For example, if your door is 2500mm wide, you would select the 1851-2550 width selection. You can also select from a range of roller door openers, as well as the entire Colorbond Colour range.

Once you place your order, we will call you to confirm the exact door size and colour you require. We also offer Windlock and Windstrong roller doors for high wind areas.

Custom-Made Garage Roll Doors

Wholesale Garage Doors offers factory-direct garage and shed doors manufactured by Taurean Door Systems, delivered directly to your door. The Taurean PR1ME roller doors are manufactured in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with delivery linehauls to the NT, SA and WA. Taurean Door Systems have been manufacturing residential and commercial roller doors for over 30 years, with a reputation built upon Quality and Reliability.


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