Merlin C945 Has Been Discontinued

This listing is for a replica C945 remote.

1x Aftermarket Merlin C945 Garage Remote
1x CR2032 Lithium Battery
Programming Instructions

Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Auto Openers C945 Replacement Remote Control In Hand
Merlin C945 Bearclaw Genuine Remote Control

Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Merlin C945 Has Been Discontinued

The Auto Opener C945C remote control is the replacement. The C945C is an aftermarket remote control, but looks the same. Unlike the original remote, the C945C’s middle button lights up when pressed to indicate battery strength.

The Auto Openers AO945 also replaces this remote.


Merlin C945 Remote Control Specifications

Remote Dimensions6 x 3.5 x 1 (cm)
Remote Weight19g
Model NumberC945
Batteries IncludedYes
Battery TypeCR2032 Lithium
Warranty1 Year


Merlin C945 Remote Control Compatibility

This Merlin C945 Remote Control will suit the below garage door and gate motors. Please note, this is only compatible with older Merlin motors that do not use Security+ 2.0 encryption, including the new Steel-Line & Merlin motors with “EVO” & “MYQ” in their model numbers.

We have instructions available here, or you can watch a YouTube video here.


Compatible Merlin Roller Door Openers
CR550 Roller Door Motor
HE60R Roller Door Motor
MR60 Roller Door Motor
MR600 Roller Door Motor
MR600a Roller Door Motor
MR650 Roller Door Motor
MR800 Roller Door Motor
MR800a Roller Door Motor
MR850 Roller Door Motor
MR1000 Roller Door Motor
MJ3800R Jackshaft Roller Door Motor
MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor


Compatible Merlin Sectional Door Openers
HE60 Sectional Door Motor
MT60 Panel Door Motor
MT60P Panel Door Motor
MT600 Panel Door Motor
MT800 Panel Door Motor
MT1000 Panel Door Opener
MJ3800 Jackshaft Panel Door Opener
MT3850 Panel Door Motor
MT5580 Sectional Door Opener
MT5580P Panel Door Motor
ML700 Sectional Door Opener
ML750 Sectional Door Opener
ML850 Sectional Door Opener


Compatible Merlin Gate Openers
MGS300 Gate Operator
MGA300 Gate Operator
MGS400 Gate Operator
MGS500 Gate Operator
MGS1000 Gate Operator
HC100ML Gate Operator
HC300ML Gate Operator
HC400ML Gate Operator
HC500ML Gate Operator
HC600ML Gate Operator


Merlin C945 Remote Control Features

The bearclaw remote was a flagship keyring transmitter for the Security+ AM range of garage door openers in 2007. The C945 remote control has three buttons, which will allow you to code this remote control into three different door or gate openers. Featuring a rolling code encryption called Security+, the garage door remote will generate a new code each time the button is pressed from over millions of possibilities. This ensures that only your remote control will ever open your gate or door, also preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.


Programming the Merlin C945 remote control yourself is very simple, taking less than 10 seconds. Our technical support team have created video guides as well as written step by step instructions to help you program in your Merlin C945 Remote Control.



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