Ditec 1PWR35H Single Swing Kit Includes

1x Ditec 1PWR 35H Swing Gate Opener
1x LCU30H Gate Control Board
2x SLIM2E-DC Gate Remote
1 Year Warranty


Ditec PWR 35H Single Swing Gate Opener Kit


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Ditec 1PWR35H Single Swing Gate Kit Specifications

Max Gate Length 3.5m
Max Gate Weight 600 kg x 1.75 m
250 kg x 3.5 m
Model Number PWR 35H
Peak Power 3000N
Standby Power 2.2W
Opening Speed 14÷80 s / 90°
MHz Frequency FM 433.92
Memory Register 64
Water Protection IP44
Warranty 12 Months

Ditec 1PWR35H Single Swing Gate Kit Features

The Ditec PWR series, including the PWR 35H model, represents a comprehensive line of electromechanical actuators designed for swing gates in residential, condominium, and industrial settings. The PWR 35H, specifically, is tailored for gates up to 3.5 meters, combining strength, quality, and simplified installation and maintenance as part of the broader 24 Vdc and 230 Vac motor range.

Installation efficiency is a key feature of the PWR 35H. This model streamlines the installation process, notably reducing the time and labor required. It incorporates unique design elements such as asymmetric mechanical stops for opening and closing, a hexagonal impression for easy one-handed installation, and pre-drilled plates with durable bushings. This ensures a robust and secure attachment. Moreover, the installation tool is equipped with a spirit level, facilitating accurate and easy height calibration.

The PWR 35H excels in versatility and safety. It’s equipped for remote manual release in case of emergencies and features provisions for magnetic limit switches, enabling more precise speed adjustments. Safety is further enhanced by the 24-Volt DC virtual-encoder technology, which provides constant electronic monitoring of the gate’s movement and immediate obstacle detection. This system ensures automatic stopping or reversal of motion if obstacles are encountered, offering added protection. In the event of power failures, the unit’s electronic control panel activates backup batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Overall, the PWR 35H is a standout model within the Ditec PWR series, showcasing advanced technology for continuous position monitoring and control, along with safety features, making it a reliable and efficient choice for swing gate automation in various applications.




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