Ditec NeoS 600 Slider Includes

1x NeoS 600 Ditec Sliding Gate Opener
2x Ditec SLIM2E-DC Remote Control
4x 1m Heavy Duty Gate Racking\


Ditec NeoS 600 600Kg sliding gate opener kit


Ditec NeoS 400 Specifications

Max Gate Length20m
Max Gate Weight600Kg
Opener Dimensions335mm x 210mm x 307mm
Model NumberNeoS 600
Peak Power600N
Standby Power2.2W
Opening Speed100 – 250mm/sec
MHz FrequencyFM 433.92
Memory Register64
Water ProtectionIP24D
Warranty12 months


Ditec NeoS 600 Features

The Ditec NEOS series represents a smart, safe, and versatile solution for automating residential, commercial, and industrial gates. Designed to withstand intensive use and challenging environmental conditions, the series is available in four versions, catering to gates weighing 300 kg, 400 kg, 600 kg, and 1000 kg. Each version includes a built-in control panel with a display, offering two performance levels: Ditec NEOS and Ditec NEOS+.

The Ditec NEOS series is engineered for durability and reliability. Its single-block, die-cast aluminum base ensures stability, while high-quality, self-leveling grease maintains constant lubrication of screws and crowns. A temperature sensor adjusts the gear motor’s performance in extreme cold, ice, and snow, ensuring smooth operation under various weather conditions.

Installation and configuration of the Ditec NEOS are streamlined for efficiency. It features steel plates of varying thickness for versatile installation, IP24D protection for safety against electrical contact, and a user-friendly self-learning procedure facilitated by a display and navigation buttons. The series also offers three predefined configurations for residential and condominium use, with the ability to save and transfer settings to other devices. Additionally, it operates on both 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequencies.

The Ditec NEOS+ takes performance to the next level with an advanced control panel that allows for precise adjustment of settings and includes additional terminals for enhanced convenience. This makes the Ditec NEOS series a robust and adaptable choice for a wide range of gate automation needs.




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