Centsys Compatitble Garage Door Remote Includes

1x Centsys Compatible Remote Control (genuine remotes not included)
1x 27A 12V Alkaline Battery
Coding Instructions

This is only for the aftermarket remote. Original not included.


Centsys Compatible Nova Garage Door Remote


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Centsys Garage Door Remote Specifications

Remote Dimensions 5.5 x 3.4 x 1.2 (cm)
Remote Weight 24g
Manufacturer Wholesale Garage
Made To Suit Centsys Nova
Model Number WGC304, RPC304
Batteries Included Yes
Battery Type 27A 12V Alkaline Battery
Warranty 1 Year


Centsys Garage Door Remote Compatibility

This Centsys aftermarket remote control will suit the remotes pictured in the main image. Please note, if your remote control is not pictured this may not suit.
Whilst this remote may look similar to other black sliding cover remotes in the industry, this is not a ‘universal’ garage door remote.

  • D2 Turbo (Sliding)
  • D3 (Sliding) – must use remote with blue buttons not green
  • D5 (Sliding) – must use remote with blue buttons not green
  • D5 Evo (Sliding)
  • D10 (Sliding)
  • D10 Turbo (Sliding)
  • A10 (Sliding)
  • R3 (Rotary Arm)
  • R5 (Rotary Arm)
  • Vantage 400 (Swing)
  • Vantage 500 (Swing)
  • Vector 2 (Swing)
  • Vector 400 (Swing)
  • Vector 500 (Swing)
  • Vert-X 300 (Swing)

Please note: Your current remote must look the same as the remote in the main image with either coloured or all blue buttons.
If you would like confirmation if this would work, please send a photo of your remote control to our team on our contact us page.


Centsys Garage Door Remote Features

Our black sliding cover Centsys aftermarket remote controls are specifically designed to suit Centsys garage door and gate openers. With a black casing, complemented by a sturdy metal trim, these remotes are not only aesthetically appealing but are also built to last. The sliding cover is a game-changer, ensuring that the buttons are protected from dust and accidental presses, thus prolonging the lifespan of the remote. Its compact design makes it handy and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about bulky or cumbersome remotes. Moreover, this four-button, 4-channel remote is highly versatile, allowing you to effortlessly control multiple garage doors or gate systems with a single device.

This means you can now easily replace your old or lost remotes without breaking the bank. The four-button configuration empowers users to perform various functions or control multiple devices with ease. Additionally, the setup and programming process is extremely user-friendly, making it perfect for both tech-savvy individuals and those who might not be as comfortable with technology. Enhance your garage door experience with this sleek, robust, and multi-functional aftermarket remote control.




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