The Phobos A25 Dual Swing Gate Motor Kit Includes:

2x BFT Phobos A25 Swing Gate Motors
1x Thalia Light Control Board
2x BFT Mitto 4B Gate Remotes
1x Hardware Mounting Pack
Installation Instructions


BFT PHOBOS BT A25 Dual Swing Gate Motor Kit


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BFT PHOBOS A25 Dual Swing Motor Specifications

Max Gate Length 2.5m
Max Gate Weight 400kg
Powerhead Length  850mm
90° Opening Time ~15 seconds (tested on max weight / length)
Cycles Per Day Intensive (35/hour)
Maximum Angle 116°
Control Board Thalia Light
Memory Register 63
Water Protection IPX4
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer


BFT PHOBOS A25 Dual Swing Motor Features

The Phobos A25 swing gate opener is made by BFT, an Italian gate automation manufacturer with a history dating back to 1981. Over the years, BFT has become recognized as one of the gate automation industry giants, with 20 branches and over 530 distributors in more than 120 countries. BFT gate openers are used by professionals across Australia to better secure your home or business.


Optimized for Aussie Residential Gates

Perfect for residential gates up to 400kg and 2.5m long, the Phobos BT A25 seamlessly combines power with functionality. Its 24V irreversible electromechanical operator ensures efficient gate movement under various conditions. Engineered for durability, the Phobos BT A25 thrives in diverse environmental conditions, from -20 °C to +55 °C, and boasts an IPX4 protection rating.


Intelligent Control with THALIA Board

The kit features the THALIA control unit, offering easy-to-use display programming and a built-in dual-channel receiver. Its advanced functions include automatic re-closing, fast closing, partial opening, and a deadman feature, providing flexibility and security. Incorporating BFT’s D-Track anti-crushing technology, the Phobos BT A25 ensures utmost safety. This system, coupled with the opener’s slowdown function, offers precise and secure gate operation, adapting to temperature changes and wear.


Innovative Remote Control Cloning

The Phobos A25 introduces a new cloning system for MITTO remote controls, leveraging microprocessor technology for secure and straightforward cloning. The first remote control teaches the second the necessary codes, which are then automatically saved in the receiver upon first use. This process is secured with the Rolling Code transmission system, ensuring high levels of security in remote operation.


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