The BFT Ecosol Solar Gate Kit Includes:

1x EcoSol Box
2 x 7aH Battery
1x 35W EcoSol Panel
Installation Instructions


BFT EcoSol Solar Power Gate Kit


BFT EcoSol Solar Gate Kit Specifications

Solar Panel Power 35 Watts
Batteries 2x 7aH
Panel Dimensions 290mm x 354mm x 28mm
Control Box Dimensions  318mm x 119mm x 219mm
Nominal Voltage 24V
Maximum Current 10A
Standby Power .15 Watts
Water Protection IP55
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer


BFT EcoSol Solar Gate Kit Features

The BFT Ecosol Solar Gate Kit presents a comprehensive solar-powered solution for low-voltage gate and door installations. Perfectly suited for locations where access to the power mains is challenging, this kit brings eco-friendly efficiency to remote and hard-to-reach areas. One of the standout features of the BFT Ecosol is its universal compatibility with all 24V systems, accommodating both existing and new installations. This flexibility ensures that it can adapt to a variety of contexts and requirements, making it an ideal choice for a range of gate and door setups. Understanding the need for ease in everyday operations, the BFT Ecosol kit components are designed with sealed, quick-fit connectors. This design choice not only simplifies the daily use but also ensures a secure and reliable connection between components.

The control panels in the BFT Ecosol kit are thoughtfully equipped with a practical handle. This feature facilitates easy transportation, especially when there is a need to connect them to the electricity mains for battery recharging. The user-friendly design underscores BFT’s commitment to convenience and ease of use. Enhanced Security with Vandal-Proof Elements: Safety and security are paramount in the BFT Ecosol kit. Optional “vandal-proof” screws and fasteners can be provided, offering an added layer of security. This ensures that the system remains safe and secure in all situations, making it a reliable choice for installations where maximum security is a priority. With its blend of eco-friendly technology, universal compatibility, user-friendly design, and enhanced security features, the BFT Ecosol Solar Gate Kit stands out as a superior choice for sustainable and efficient gate and door automation.


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